Adam Goldenberg Keeps His Eyes On The Market For New Customers

August 28th, 2016

Adam Goldenberg is one person who is very perceptive when it comes to the market of fashion. He is always willing to offer something that is very unique in a way that brings a lot of fun to clothes shopping. Adam Goldenberg is also willing to address any market that has either been ignored or under-served. Among the types of people that are often overlooked in fashion are the plus sized people or big and tall. Many fashion retailers offer items for people that are only so big. Very few stores offer for people who are past a certain size. This leaves people with a limit.

Fortunately, there is JustFab which has opened a line for plus sized women. This allows plus size women to not only buy clothes, but also take advantage of some of the unique products that they have to offer. They get to look through a wider variety of clothes than they would get in other fashion stores that serve plus sized women on Often times, the larger person is seen more or less as an after thought. Big and tall men are faced with the same problem when they go shopping for clothes. Often times, the big and tall man is left with very limited options. The clothes that are available for them are very basic.

Adam Goldenberg makes sure that clothes shopping is fun for larger people as well. Plus sized women also want to be able to take advantage of some of the great fits and articles of clothing that are being offered to them. Adam Goldenberg is reaping a lot of rewards for his thoughtfulness in reaching all types of audiences.

JustFab has been so successful that it has expanded to opening up different lines. There are many different subdivisions of this company that is dedicated to serving different types of customers. There are subdivisions of JustFab for women as well as subdivisions for men. There are even subdivisions of JustFab for kids. Some of these little branches of JustFab are opening up physical locations so that people can have the opportunity to try on the items before they buy them. See:

Let Your Money Work For You With A Collge Savings Account

August 26th, 2016

How could it benefit you by having a bank that allows you to save up to 36% on college expenses? Any time parents and students can get help with their eduational expenses it can help. Often times, many students end up will massive amounts of student loan debt and it can potentionally affect your credit. Unfortunately, their parents find themselves in debt trying to help their children finance their education. NexBank has proudly acquired College Savings Bank and are extending college savings features. College Savings Bank will continue to operate under their same name and likeness. However, NexBank now spearheads their success under the acquisition.
NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank has been proudly serving the Dallas area for over 50 years and helping thousands of customers reach their financial goals. You may want to save more money, buy a new home, or vehicle and NexBank is their to assist you with FDIC insurance. Live in your dream home with the option of a low interest mortgage. Other institutions promise reliable solutions, but don’t deliver. NexBank is there to help you win back your financial freedom. You’ll never have to worry about your money not working for you because customers notice instant savings with NexBank.

They are based in Dallas and have assisted thousands of customers through their online services. Having a bank means saving money and maximizing features that let you build your financial outlook. You’re invited to visit the official NexBank website for more details and service options today.

NexBank Features

– Free checking accounts
– IRA accounts
– Free deposits
– Mortgage accounts
and much more…

You now have access to your bank account any time from any where. Check your account from your smartphone at work or late night over a cup of coffee. Visit NexBank for more today.

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The Questionable Leadership of Ladilaw

August 12th, 2016

Relmada Corporation has recently had some issues with well-known investment bank Laidlaw & Company. Ladilaw has recently been releasing false information about Relmada in order to gain control of their corporation. While Relmada is continually releasing positive press releases about studies of their new products, Ladilaw is trying to devalue the company in order to more easily control the majority of their shares. Relmada has successfully filed a temporary restraining order injunction in order to keep Ladilaw from further damaging their company. This is something that has put the minds of many Relmada executives at ease at least for the time being. The Street has gone into deep detail about the many different issues that are happening due to the constant harassment from Ladilaw.

Ladilaw & Company has been an investment bank that has been creating a lot of change in the market since 1842. In the recent years, however, Ladilaw has changed their investment strategies which was alarming to those in the industry. Matthew Eitner was appointed as the Cheif Executive Officer in 2010 which changed the direction of the company. Eitner was much more aggressive than any leadership had been in the past for Ladilaw. This has been a catalyst for problems such as the one experienced with Relmada. James Ahern has been a leading cause of this new found change in Ladilaw as well. As leader of capital markets, Ahern has spent the last 5 years taking Ladilaw to a whole new level. Some critics believe the growth has been due to a do whatever it takes tactics that really leaves companies in the dust. It will be imperative to Ladilaw’s growth to change the mindset of the leadership. If there isn’t a drastic shift made, the future growth of Ladilaw may be in jeopardy.

A Health Management Organization That Puts Patients First

August 12th, 2016

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a plan that many savvy individuals have chosen to get. This type of plan is used in order to get different healthcare benefits. Many people with Medicare get their coverage from original Medicare only, but a Medicare Advantage Plan is a plan that is contracted with the government and the government is paid a certain amount per person to be able to provide those health benefits. A Medicare Advantage Plans comes as the following: Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs, Preferred Provider Organizations or PPOs and Private Fee-for-services or PSFS. Even when a person has a Medicare Advantage Plan, they still are enrolled in Medicare as well. The person who has a Medicare Advantage Plan has to pay their monthly premium for part B and for part A as well.

All of the the services that are covered under a Medicare Advantage Plan must also provide the services that are covered under the part A and part B original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plan can have different cost, rules, and restrictions. An individual that is going to get a Medicare Advantage Plan has to keep those things in mind when they decide to get the plan.

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

Medicare Advantage Plans include a limit to out-of-pocket expenses that their patients have to to spend. The limits on these Medicare Advantage Plans can be high and they don’t include cost-sharing. Medicare Advantage Plans give more benefits than original Medicare, because they cover things like vision care and dental care as well.

InnovaCare healthcare is one of the most popular manage healthcare service in all of North America. The leaders at InnovaCare healthcare include the following: Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. InnovaCare healthcare offers provider networks and Medicaid programs along with Medicare advantage plans.

InnovaCare healthcare has the mission to redefine healthcare management in order to help their patients navigate the difficult healthcare system. They also have the vision to create strong patient provider relationships and they want to help their patients get managed-care that is coordinated, innovative, and cost-effective. InnovaCare Health healthcare is dedicated to the quality of care that their patients receive, and they make sure to always put their patients first.

Class Dojo Causes Major Changes in Educational Structure

August 12th, 2016

Class Dojo has recently been the topic of discussion in many educational forums and magazines because of the innovative application’s ability to bring major changes to the structure of modern education. The application was developed as an answer to many of the difficulties that elementary educators were experiencing on a day to day level in primary educational facilitates. Many facilitators were finding difficulty in the process of actively engaging early learners and creating exciting curriculum based activities for them to participate in. The creators of Class Dojo sought to create an engaging educational application which would allow educators to create a ground-up change in their individual classrooms. The application was successful and Class Dojo is currently being implemented in 2 in 3 schools across the United States.

Although Class Dojo was only created in recent years, the application’s impact has been swift. Through its implementation in several primary schools in the country, Class Dojo has successfully caused significant improvements to the educational process on many levels. Instead of creating an application that only caters to one individual at a time, for instance, the Class Dojo developers successfully created a platform that allows several people to interact with the application at once, creating a positive classroom culture. Because the application is extremely interactive, the platform has caused educators to completely revamp the learning programs in order to better correlate them to the standards and culture of the application.

Class Dojo representatives have expressed elation with the results that educators have experienced by implementing the Class Dojo application. During a recent review of the product in an educational magazine, Class Dojo received very positive results regarding the effect of the application on the learning progress of the children who were involved with the program. These results showed that the Class Dojo application was truly effective when included in an accredited elementary curriculum. Class Dojo has been effective in improving the educational system of nearly every school it has been tested in.

Class Dojo is scheduled for expansion in the early part of next year. The representatives of the company have stated that they are excited to bring the product into new markets and to assist educators all around the world in their efforts to better educate the next generation. By expanding the company, Class Dojo developers hope to help millions of children around the world attain access positive educational and community standards.


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Laidlaw & Company: Losing Credibility

August 11th, 2016

When it comes to losing your credibility and your reputation, it can be hard to get it back and hard to replace it. Once it is damaged and once it is hurt, it never leaves the Internet. Now, I’m a believer in second chances and stories of redemption. However, sometimes too much has happened and it is too late to fix it. In the case of Laidlaw & Company, in my mind, they have reached the point of no return. Quite frankly, I don’t see this investment bank recovering from the restraining order issued against Matthew Eitner and James Ahern by Relmada Therapeutics.

You have to stop, sit back and look at the big picture. Would you trust your money with these kind of people and this kind of company? I know for a fact that I wouldn’t. If they are proven liars, it tells me one thing: they will tell me anything to get my money. They will promise me the moon, the sun, and the stars if it means they can get me on as a client. That is not the kind of company that I want anything to do with and I would avoid Laidlaw like the plague.

Again, I like second chances, but I’m a big believer in once a liar, always a liar. Unless they do some serious damage control, I don’t see how they recover from this and how they can reestablish any kind of credibility with the general public. To me, it seems too late and there is nothing they can do or say that will allow them to be taken seriously. When they go to bed at night and look at themselves in the mirror, I wonder if they will like the person they see looking back at them. Maybe they are in denial.

Securus Technologies Offers Hassle-Free Visitation from Home

August 11th, 2016

Keeping Inmates and Their Loved Ones Connected: Securus Technologies Makes Communication Easy Between Inmates and Families.

Securus Technologies is a company that offers some of the latest technology in the inmate communications industry. Correctional facilities that utilize Securus programs and equipment make face-to-face visitation between inmates and their loved ones possible where it was not possible before. Imagine a parent who is currently incarcerated being able to help their child with homework while their child is sitting at their own kitchen table at home with their math homework on the table in front of them. Securus makes this a reality. You can witness just how life-changing Securus inmate communication technology can be.

The video visitation technology developed by Securus offers exceptional picture and audio quality, as demonstrated by the link to the video mentioned above. The inmate gets the opportunity to visit their child face to face from the facility without the child actually having to go through the process of making the commute to the facility the parent is being housed in and experiencing unfamiliar people and surroundings. Parent and child are able to see one another in live time and discuss things like subtraction, college, and career aspirations in a much more comfortable and intimate manner than traditional visitation procedure at correctional facilities.

In addition to offering phenomenal programs for inmate video visitation, Securus also makes communication with incarcerated loved ones simple by offering phone, voice-mail, and e-mail technology. Securus makes easy 24-hour online access to all video,phone, and e-mail accounts possible with Securus Online. Customers can now easily access any of their accounts from home with their laptop, personal computers, tablets, and cell phones with smart capabilities. You can create your account with Securus by enrolling online. Once you are enrolled with Securus Online, it is as easy as typing in your username and password and you have complete access to all your phone, video, and e-mail accounts at your fingertips.

Along with instant online access to all user accounts, Securus customers have the ability to schedule automatic payments, review call logs and e-mails, and change or update any account information. With easy, 24-hour online access from your home or anywhere you may be with your smartphone, Securus Technologies and Securus Online takes the hassle out of setting up visitation and scheduling phone calls with incarcerated loved ones.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Pirated Weight Loss Plan Center of Lawsuit

August 10th, 2016

The Nutrimost diet has become one of the most popular diets in the country since its inception a couple years ago. It has become so popular that other companies have tried to steal the idea and market the weight loss plan as their own. Nutrimost has grown weary of this and has decided to sue the offending company for damages relating to an obvious theft of their idea.

Nutrimost claims that the Pennsylvania weight loss company, Healthy Living, has stolen their idea and marketed it as their own. The evidence in their case points mostly to a video that Healthy Living posted on their website last year that was almost identical to a video that Nutrimost had used to promote their plan on their website.

One can see why Nutrimost would make this claim when they watch the original video that was posted on the Healthy Living website. The Healthy Living video is almost identical to the original video that was posted on the Nutrimost website. One of the only noticeable changes in the new video was that the term “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” that was used on the Nutrimost video is replaced by the phrase “Can’t Lose Weight Loss Plan” on the Healthy Living website.

The plan is so popular because it doesn’t require any special dieting or medication to be taken by the individual. It revolves around what is called the NRF (Nutrimost Resonant Frequency). It is administered by doctors. People also sing the praises of the weight loss plan because of quick results. Some people have lost over 40lbs on the Nutrimost plan in just their first month utilizing it.

Nutrimost is seeking $300,000 in damages from Healthy Living. The money sought is to cover the theft of the video and the damage to their reputation that Nutrimost suffered. Nutrimost also asks that a court order be given to Healthy Living that will prevent them from ever using the video again.


How White Shark Media Has Improved Because of Complaints

August 8th, 2016

To many people, customer complaints mean a business is not going to achieve its goals, but White Shark Media Complaints team has decided to prove otherwise. Since inception in 2011, the company has worked on improving the platform to allow customers to implement their ideas more seamlessly. One of the ways this has been possible has been through a routine evaluation of the system to ensure all the features included are useful and to extract information that can help bring customization ideas.

Throughout the years, White Shark Media has received complements and complaints alike. The complaints posted by customers have been more relevant and useful than the praises, since they have simply highlighted the several issues the company is supposed to address to make marketing easier. Below are recaps of some of the issues the company picked to make an improvement.

AdWords campaigns follow-up and statistics
Initially, there were no statistical methods to allow customers see what was happening with their AdWords campaigns. It would prove daunting to predict the next step in the campaign since there was no information to show that a campaign was doing well or not. This stirred several complaints from customers, most of them suggesting an overhaul of the platform to introduce better reporting procedures.

This led to an increase in client support and education to help them understand their campaigns better. Therefore, sourcing information about their AdWords campaign has become easier and a good way to understand what needs to be done to improve.

Lack of seamless communication
White Shark Media, as a leading agency in digital marketing, could not survive without proper communication channels. It works by offering meaningful results and helps clients to customize their campaigns better and more accurately. This lacked at the initial stages, but after some complaints from customers, the company implemented a system to help clients reach their contact persons directly. There is no need for a receptionist since communication is now straight to minimize time wastage.

Account management preferences
One of the arguments presented in protest was that the company would create a new account for any campaign introduced by customers. This was done before taking into account the existence of an old campaign and its performance on the earlier account. Therefore, White Shark Media made it possible for one to manage a new campaign without necessarily having to shift accounts, especially if previous campaigns were successful on the old account.

Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The video below explains everything:

The Weight Loss System of Nutrimost

August 8th, 2016

Currently Nutrimost has sued a rival company called healthy living, who they believe has ripped off their promotional video for whole cloth. The video in question was posted on the website for Healthy Living, found at, after swiping
the video from Nutrimost website, and following this they replaced any reference to Nutrimost with Can’t Lose Diet instead, stated in the suit for the Manhattan Federal Court. Not only did they claim that healthy living stole the video, but even after
receiving a cease-and-desist letter during September, healthy living continued to leave the video on their website. As of now, the video appears to have been taken down off the website, but Nutrimost is still seeking a court order that would prevent the
company from posting the video again, and want at least 300,000 dollars for loss and theft pf the reputation and goodwill that
as a result Nutrimost suffered.

Nutrimost calls itself the Ultimate Fat Loss System, claiming that customers are able to lose 20 to 40 pounds during the span of 40 days. It is no secret that diets are not a one-size-fits-all type thing, and NutriMost is a program that helps people to lose
a lot of weight during a short period of time. Weight loss is not only a aesthetic issue, since as an individual gains weight, it could also cause a number of serious health problems, that can include anything from high blood pressure to diabetes and internal organ issues. Patients that are new to the Nutrimost program are initially measured on their visceral fat, this is the fat that is stored in the abdomen.This is that is seen when someone has a belly forming, this is because of visceral fat, and while no one likes the way that it looks, this can also press against organs affecting the way that these organs function.

What makes NutriMost special is that it uses a revolutionary technology in order to customize unique programs for each individual. NutriMost customizes these plans with the understanding that every individual gains and loses weight differently, so programs that do not focus on this point are more likely to fail where NutriMost is more likely to succeed. This is the reason that Nutrimost has succeed where most other programs have failed when it comes to weight loss. It has been shown that patients have not only lost weight while using NutriMost, as Dr.Mitch and his team have been teaching them how they can keep it off. This is done in a reset phase, where
the patient locks in their weight set for a specific number, and then they are taught how they can always stay within two pounds of that weight.